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Roleplay Information

Post by Blue on Mon Jun 01, 2015 9:28 pm

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8: Gods and Goddesses.
7: Demons and other evil beings.
6: Holy messengers such as prophets, and also Priests and Priestesses.
5: Leaders of the land.
4: War Generals and the leaders' messengers.
3: Warriors, Scavengers, Assassins, and Spies.
2: Service Innunekos such as Merchants and Healers.
1: Elders, Mothers, Students, and Kits.


Unions 8-7
All Innuneko Gods and Goddesses will be gathering for the annual spring festival in the Grand Shrine of the Astral Plain. They will all be sharing news and stories of their shrines over the Earthly world, and the notable times they've helped out Innunekos of the Land's Unions. They'll be staying here for about 7 days to help each other plan for the year's troubles to come.


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